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COSME at your service

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a full line of services: from the initial meeting with our expert advisors to cost estimations, installation and maintenance of your storage system. Because we have been serving our clients for over 25 years, we understand the scope of every project, big or small, that we undertake and can foresee all stages of production to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Whether you require our consulting services to determine the best custom storage solution that will fit both your needs and budget, or you are overwhelmed with the complexities of relocating your manufacturing facility, or still, you are concerned about time constraints and measures against production delays, COSME has you covered!

You need to expand your storage capacity. Where to begin…

Because we understand each client requires a custom solution based on warehouse storage operations, storage application and many other factors, we undertake our own feasibility study of the best storage system on a case by case basis. We thus provide you with detailed drawings produced by the most advanced industry software’s and executed by our proficient team of CAD designers. We are there from start to finish during the life cycle of your project.

Warehouse relocation services: we have an experienced team to help you move.

Relocating your whole warehouse operation is never an easy task and can prove to be nightmarish if everything does not go as planned. Whether you are moving your inventory or manufacturing facility, planning is critical. At COSME, our trained professionals and specialized equipment help to ensure a flawless move by identifying the unique challenges and needs of each client.

Financing solutions for your project

Any major restructuring of your storage facility can represent a sizeable amount of your company budget. Hence, sound financial planning is sometimes necessary. COSME works with leasing companies to help you finance your project.