• Structural steel post protectors and end of aisle protectors
  • Steel stop guard rails

We safeguard your palletized storage system against accidents

Warehouse safety is often a concern with the hazards of accidents due to either human error or defective storage equipments. Whether the problem is the lower portion of posts being damage by forklift trucks or falling goods from a shelf, COSME offers numerous safety equipment and accessories to ensure peace of mind.

Did you know that once the upright posts of your pallet rack has been damaged by the impact of a forklift truck, they no longer carry the same structural integrity and can collapse under the weight of its storage load?

This is some of the warehouse safety equipment we carry:

Post protectors:

we carry 2 types of post protectors: Post protectors and End of aisle protectors. Our post protectors are made of structural steel. Being extremely durable and resistant to impacts, they protect the base of pallet racks against front and side forklift impacts. Over time, our post protectors are a wise investment that ensures the safety of your storage system.

Stop Guards Rails:

As a modular design, stop guard railings are interchangeable and offer unlimited configurations. The modular pieces are made of structural steel tubes that are extremely resistant to forklift truck impacts. Stop guards can also be made to measure and delivered as 1 weldered piece.

Safety bars, wire mesh decking and safety netting

These 3 accessories are vital components in pallet rack storage systems by preventing misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the horizontal beams. While safety bars are designed for larger and heavier loads, wire mesh decking’s offers the flexibility to store any type of loads with improved visibility and fire safety. Both accessories can also be used in combination to provide maximum safety. Safety netting installed at the back of pallet racks helps prevent costly accidents by keeping loads from falling off the back. This netting is especially critical where pedestrian pathways are behind the rack.


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