• Multi-level mezzanine system
  • COSME's Structa-Mezz: mezzanine system detail

Structa-Mezz®: Expand from Within with a Mezzanine Storage Platform

Most commercial or industrial warehouses are 20 feet high (some are even higher), and a large part of this interior space is often wasted. Setting up an intermediary floor in a chosen area is one of the most economical and effective solutions and guarantees an immediate return on your investment. At COSME, we can design single or multi-level mezzanine systems that help our clients gain more efficient use of existing overhead space.

Pick Tower Mezzanines makes optimum use of vertical space to move palletized loads across multi-levels to be sorted at pick areas. Pick Towers provide increased productivity for distribution centres with heavy volume that are being constantly moved for processing.

Cosme’s Mezzanine is the perfect the solution to costly relocations, production delays and leases by maximizing your useable floor.

Our Structa-Mezz systems provide full utilization of all floor-level spaces with a host of features and choices:

  • Customized floor decking: we offer various types of flooring to suit your needs (ex: corrugated steel and plywood, steel grating, mezz-deck®, resindeck® and open steel planks)
  • Self-supporting and removable: our mezzanine can be moved and reused if you need to move into wider space areas. the building remains absolutely untouched after our structure is installed. We do not rig to the existing building structure.
  • Pick Towers optimizes flow efficiency for high volume of loads that are moved across multiple levels.
  • Durability: as a manufacturer, we supply the best material available. Structural steel has high resistance and is everlasting.
  • Stairs and landing platforms
  • Safety gates: offer easy access for forklifts or palletized loading at any point on the mezzanine storage area. The lift gates allows for easy entry for forklifts without maneuvering around.
  • Choice of finishes: you have a choice of colours with our durable, high performance powder-coated finish.