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Intelligent Space Management

COSME inc. is a successful company that has been consistently offering quality shelving products with both commercial and industrial storage systems for over 25 years.

Established in 1987, COSME inc. is a Canadian based company specializing in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of cantilever rackings, mezzanines, palletized rackings, safety accessories and our Flagship: the Microfriction Pushback. We are experts in metalware with an experienced staff of engineers, on-site technical advisers and our installation teams, we are constantly striving to ensure that the finest quality storage systems are manufactured.


Some of our Storage Systems

Cantilevers most effectively meet customer’s needs for customized commercial storage indoors and outdoors as well as for industrial use.
A mezzanine can double your storage space capacity by utilizing excess ceiling height. An easy up solution for warehouse storage.
Our unique Microfriction™ Pushback is the best shelving system ever designed with minimal maintenance and maximized efficiency!

Client testimonials

We would like to recognize and expresses gratitude to you and all the great people at COSME for their contribution of a beautiful state-of-the-art mezzanine that will help MADA enhance its services in our central warehouse.
Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Cohen, MADA Community Center
We treasure our customisations, and leverage our advantages with our own customers, producing the real efficiencies and market edge. COSME was capable to complement our needs with brilliant solutions based on logistic and efficiency values.
Ignazio Blanco, Alfagomma Canada Inc.
When I approached Marc for installing some racking for our retail business, he just went ahead and got the job done! No muss, no fuss, that’s how I like it! Thank You.
Allan Yau, YYK inc.
Thank you for great service in supplying our new cantilever building. You and your staff was very helpful and courteous. Delivery was on time as promised. I would highly recommend COSME Inc. to any one who asks.
Noel Gratto, Masstown Hardware
Cosme’s Micro-Friction pushback system is terrific. It is a great product. I compared to almost all the pushback products on the market. I looked at the combined value of design, quality, warranty and price and the Micro-friction® was the top product hands down.
Mike Leyland, Flow-Rite Inc.