Warehouse Safety Inspection

Safeguarding your warehouse or storage facility against accidents is key for a safe work environment. In addition to avoiding infringement against work safety regulations, you will be making sure that your employees can have peace of mind in knowing they work in a secure facility.

COSME offers a simple and effective 4 step plan for warehouse storage maintenance and repair :

1. Inspecting and assessing the condition of your storage facility
Our team of certified engineers does a thorough inspection of the state of your palletized storage facility. We document the entire exercise to determine structural defects and undertake subsequent preventive/corrective actions.

2. Submitting a report with recommendations on repairs and maintenance
A detailed report is submitted with explanations of the structural defects, with photos that were taken on location. Recommendations for repairs and maintenance as well as preventive measures for the future are made.

3. Execution of repairs and maintenance with preventive measure and safety equipments
Repairs are made following a systematic process within industry standard safety practices. We represent our clients in connection with their file and implement corrective measures accordingly. (example: the “Avis de Correction” issued by the CSST in Quebec)

4. Systematic follow-ups on your dossier
We do regular and systematic check-ups of the premises to ensure total and continued implementation of safety protocols. Annual inspections are offered to check on the various installations of safety equipment, the structural integrity of your palletized system and in compliance with safety regulations (provincial & federal as required).